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Environmental Education, JWCG Infrastructure, Land Conservation, or Watershed Protection

Give the Gift of Environmental Education!

The preservation of our watersheds will rely on our youth valuing them as much as we do.  Environmental education creates future stewards and passes along the science, stories, and cultural history that makes the Hill Country so unique to the next generation.

We are working with Jacob's Well Natural Area and Hays County Master Naturalists to create educational programming for 2019.  Master Naturalists are volunteering their time to teach seasonal workshops as well as guided educational hikes. We are seeking funding to cover an EE internship, program supplies, and transportation stipends to make visiting Jacob's Well more accessible for local schools.

Give the Gift of Garden Infrastructure!

In 2011, the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association partnered with local residents to turn an old tennis court into something much needed - a thriving, organic community garden! The Jacob's Well Community Garden has grown leaps and bounds since then thanks to some very dedicated people. The Jacobs Well Community Garden donates the freshly grown produce from three of their beds to the Crisis Breadbasket, all of which are grown by volunteers.  The JWCG has big plans for the future, and you can help them realize those dreams!

Your contributions will help the Jacob's Well Community Garden attain a solar pump, additional rain water storage tanks, and a rotating compost bin. This will assure that the JWCG is even more abundant in 2019!


Give the Gift of Land Conservation!

In 2019, our goal is to preserve at least 150 acres within the critical recharge zone for the Cypress Creek and Blanco Watersheds. Before water ever comes out of the tap, its falls as rain on the land. How these lands are managed directly impacts our water quality. WVWA buys land that is in highly sensitive areas and manages conservation easements on other tracts of land that are vital to our watersheds. We want to ensure our water quantity and quality to create a good balance for humans, wildlife, and the natural ecosystems for generations to come. When it comes down to it, we need protected land to have good water. 

Give the Gift of Watershed Protection!

WVWA has been actively engaged in several campaigns that could adversely affect the health and wellbeing of our beloved Hill Country Watersheds. Donating to Watershed Protection will help ensure we have the resources to engage the best experts and do the most we can to protect our precious watersheds.

Campaigns that we are currently engaged in:

  • The Permian Basin Pipeline
    With our karst features, fault lines, and highly sensitive aquifers and ecosystems, this region is no place for a natural gas pipeline. We are working with lawyers, affected landowners, scientists, and regional organizations to reroute this pipeline away from the Hill Country.
  • Protect Our Blanco
    Our upstream neighbor, the City of Blanco, has requested to dump 1.6 million gallons of treated wastewater daily into the Blanco River. WVWA worked with affected landowners and concerned citizens to form the group, Protect Our Blanco. Together, we are working with engineers, architects, and wastewater professionals to offer the City alternative solutions to discharge, such as land application and beneficial reuse. 
  • Electro Purification
    These Houston-based water marketers want to pump 2.5 million gallons daily out of the Middle Trinity Aquifer in Rolling Oaks and sell it to folks on the east side of 35. Landowners within a 2-mile radius of the pump could experience a 500 foot drawdown in their wells, causing many of them to run dry. The pumping field will be less than 5 miles away from Jacob's Well and we can only imagine the impacts that this will have on our beloved spring.
  • No Dumping Sewage
    This is a regional campaign across the Hill Country that advocates for alternatives to discharging wastewater directly into our rivers, creeks, and streams. Our Hill Country water is incredibly pure and very sensitive to even the slightest of changes; dumping wastewater significantly alters the water chemistry and leads to high algal blooms, depleted oxygen for aquatic life, and makes the water less desirable for recreation. 


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The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association works to create a greater understanding community-wide of the many benefits that flow from a respectful relationship with the land: human health, ecological health, economic sustainability, enriched community life, and the renewal of the human spirit.

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