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WVWA recently hired the energetic Green Crew from the Texas Conservation Corps to spend a week making improvements on WVWA's property adjacent to Jacob's Well. The crew constructed a beautiful meandering trail designed to slow rainwater flowing towards the creek allowing it to gradually soak into the ground. The trail will prevent erosion and protect the spring and the creek from polluted runoff. They were also encouraged to create earthworks along the trail based on their experiences interacting with the environment. The result is a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing space to reconnect with nature and reflect on the beautiful surroundings teeming with life.

TCC Crew Gets Lessons in Permaculture Design

Kirby Fry and Woody Welch of Earth Repair Corps generously volunteered their time to teach the TXCC team about sustainable design principles and permaculture techniques. They worked side-by-side with the crew building the trail for a truly hands-on learning experience. WVWA is providing a scholarship to cover the tuition for one TXCC member, Autumn, to attend Earth Repair Corps' Spring Intensive Permaculture Design Certification Course. Click the image to watch Kirby talk about the permaculture trail design and the role of art in conservation.

Engaged Ecology Equinox Gathering

The TXCC workers were also invited to attend a special Spring Equinox gathering organized by The Center for Engaged Ecology at Jacob's Well. The evening began with a silent walk to the Well in honor of the Earth and the Equinox. Emily Jane Steinberg captured the Blessing Ceremony pictured here with her unique and beautiful method of visual storytelling. Attendees then enjoyed a Food for a Healthy Soul Potluck before the viewing a film of Jeremy Narby's "Beyond the Anthropo-Scene" presentation at the 2017 Bioneers Conference. In the discussion to follow, people explored the power and difficulties of heeding Narby's call to move beyond Western anthropocentrism and recognize the intelligence of all living beings. The discussion ended with a hopeful disposition for humanity based on the engaged ecology principles. 

Remember to Get Outside and Get Creative on Earth Day

Please take a moment to reconnect with nature this Earth Day and commemorate the experience by creating whatever kind of art you're moved to make. Then share your art and a photo of the place that inspired you via our social media. Let's connect as a virtual community, through art, to celebrate the Earth!

Share Your Earth Inspired Art

Jacob's Well Community Gardeners Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Join us and the community gardeners May 5th, 5:30-8:00 PM at the Jacob's Well Community Garden for a social gathering with food and drinks. The gardeners will provide some delicious food and beverages, but please consider contributing some of your own to share. Plates and utensils will be supplied. Feel free to bring your own reusable ones if you prefer. Everyone should plan to take home a bag of recyclables and a bag of trash. We hope to see you there.

Some Forests Survive Drought by "Tree Fracking"

The drought that punished California from 2010 to 2015 killed more than 100 million trees, but some in Northern California’s Mendocino County survived just fine. How did they do it? Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of California, Berkeley, have found that—just like humans fracking oil and gas deposits in shale—tree roots are able to access substantial quantities of water stored in weathered bedrock. 

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